i used to do stuff

Josh and I are getting ready to move, so, last night I was organizing things to pack and came across a notebook I had in college. In a portion of this notebook I kept a food journal at times during my sophomore year (this was after I had gained my freshman 15 and was meticulous about calorie counting and all that HORRIBLE stuff that poor women are enslaved to that I’m so thankful I don’t even care about anymore!) But anyway, it was so fun to read.

First of all, it was crazy to see how much I would eat. We had a buffet-style cafeteria full of amazing foods. I would have written for dinner things like, “chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, corn, roll, salad, cottage cheese with strawberries, orange juice, water” what a freak! And then later that night we would have a dorm meeting or something and I’d have written down “2 ½ frosted cookies, 1 fun size snickers, 2 chocolate chip cookies” Dang, Gena.

But anyway, the most interesting thing was how much stuff I used to do. Often times after I would write what I had eaten for dessert, I would write where I was, for example, “hot chocolate and cookies in Ky’s room” or “frapaccino at Starbucks” or “3 cups of coffee at Norm’s” or “Skittles at the Drive-In”. Almost every night of the week I had some kind of hang-out or meeting or Bible Study to be at. Now I’m a loser. We’re still really busy but it’s not always doing fun stuff.

Anyway, I had lots of fun reading over it and reminiscing how exciting my life used to be =). It’s funny how life changes and you don’t really notice. I also think if I were single I would do a lot more “fun” stuff. It’s really easy to be lame when you can be lame with your favorite person in the world.


3 thoughts on “i used to do stuff

  1. I think one of the funniest things about the changes in life is how different the little things are. Coffee at Starbucks used to be normal time to have a conversation with a friend… now its either an exciting family date where you watch your kids spill chocolate milk all over themselves and you look into your husbands eyes and smile because life can’t get any better… or… its a awesome date night away from the kids for a few hours where you look into each others eyes and talk about… well… the kids that you love. Ok so thats kinda sappy… what can I say… tis the season to be with family and be sappy! 🙂

  2. I feel the same way! In order to get all my homework done I have to be a fun avoider. It’s quite sad. I don’t remember EVER doing homework on a Friday night, but in grad school I do every week!

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