Going Away Party

On Sunday night (I’ve been sick this week so I’m catching up on blogs) we had a going away party for our good friends, the Watts and the Chartneys. Both of these couples started the same semester Josh and I started and we’re going to miss them very much. Tons of people showed up and we had a great time cramming into the Summers’ little apartment. There are lots of cool people here and some day I’m really going to miss the community we’ve had here. It was lots of fun.

Kelly, Dawn, and Rachel

Some of the boys

Christina, Bryce, Lydia, and Seyan. Christina was prego with Bryce when we met them and Seyan became prego with Lydia soon after we met them. My, how time flies!

The Watts. Our first friends we made here.

Me, Kelly, Christina, and Dawn

I love it!! Here is the progression of life. Our next picture will be in a couple months (after little baby girl Matthews comes into the picture)
Liz: 27 weeks Stacy: 38 weeks Carsyn: 8 weeks old

Liz: 16 weeks Stacy: 27 weeks Shannon: 38 weeks. Isn’t that cool? We didn’t even plan to take the second picture exactly 11 weeks later (we are all 11 weeks apart from each other)


3 thoughts on “Going Away Party

  1. Looks like you guys had some fun. That picture of you girls is so cute. Your belly Liz is getting bigger ever sence you guys left. You guys keep getting better.Love,Christie

  2. looks like you guys have some great friends and memories 🙂 thats awesome about the progression picture 🙂 and josh’s face is hilarious in the picture about the two little ones 🙂

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