Paint and Burgers

Here are some pictures from last Friday night. We dedicated the entire night to painting our new living room. We stayed with the color our walls are now “Arizona Tan”. Yellow isn’t one of my favorite colors but when your color scheme is already black, white and red and then you buy tan/olive greenish couches, yellow is kind of the only color that goes with them all. Anyway, we like it.

This was the sunset that night over in Tichenor Village (where we live now) So beautiful

!!! I will miss how close we are to the water !!!


We listened to Christmas music all night. Very appropriate.

Josh taping up the baby’s room

Taking an In N Out dinner break

I looked very glamorous and beautiful on this night. Look at me gulping down my milkshake! Not only am I classy but I’m also a really healthy eater.

We didn’t get a picture of me in my paint mask! I’m not as cool as some of my friends in that I buy ORGANIC paint b/c I’m pregnant (eh ehm, Shannon) so, a 45 cent paint mask was my alternative.


8 thoughts on “Paint and Burgers

  1. It is looking good. It looks like it is coming along. I am praying for you both and your health. I hope you both get to feeling better.Love You Both,Christie

  2. Very nice. So what color did you paint the baby’s room? Can’t wait to see the house all done and furniture moved in. yummy, In – n- Out!

  3. The place looks very good and you both look very good. I was excited to see Josh lifting both arms putting up the tape. Is he doing better? I sure hope so. My prayers are with all of you–less than two weeks now!LoveMom

  4. Looks so cute! and your pictures of the sunset are absolutely GORGEOUS! 😀 love it! sounds like you guys had a fun evening! 🙂 great color pic by the way 🙂 its very warm and inviting and cheery 🙂 hope you all are doing well 🙂

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