A Slacker Christmas

Um, so, being a married woman around the holidays isn’t as cool as I thought it would be. I love baking Christmas cookies and thought I would really be able to do this once I was married. (As if getting a ring on your left hand morphs you into Martha Stewart) But our first Christmas I got sick the week and a half leading up to Christmas. It was horrible. I feel like Christmas 2006 was a lost Christmas. I was so out of it. Last year, I don’t know what happened. We were either too busy or I was lazy. Probably both. And this year, we didn’t even get a Christmas tree!!! Isn’t that the most depressing thing ever? I think that is so lame but it kind of just happened.

I originally wanted to get a tree when we got back from Thanksgiving, set it all up in our present apartment and throw it in the U-haul (2 weeks later) when we moved across campus. But after thinking about how many ornaments would probably break and what a pain it would be, we thought about just getting one once we moved. But now that we’re moved and we’re gonna be gone all weekend and then gone for good on Monday, we decided not to get one. I can’t believe we’re not getting a Christmas tree. I never thought my life would get to such a low point. =) jk. At least my parents will have one.

So, we didn’t get a Christmas tree and I never made any Christmas cookies. I don’t like how the holiday season is the best time of the year but also the craziest. You’re never able to just really enjoy it b/c you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off.


4 thoughts on “A Slacker Christmas

  1. I neglected to tell you–just kidding. We do have a tree awaiting your arrival. You are TOO funny. I CAN’T believe you put the headless chicken in! You are just cute, and I love you.Mom

  2. PETA fans beware! ewwww… i think the no tree is ok considering how little you would enjoy it before you’re off for OREGON!! yay!

  3. Okay #1… you didn’t have to put that chicken up… NASTY! ha!! Soo I have a funny story to tell you about Christmas cookies…

  4. That chicken picture is disgusting, thank you for sharing. As far as the tree goes, it’s just one year. Like Beks said you wouldn’t really be able to enjoy it so what’s the point? Maybe next year, you, Josh and Klont can bake cookies together and you can decorate your tree while you eat them! Although, becoming a mom doesn’t make you a Martha Stewart either:) hehe. love you, see you soon!

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