Thank you

to all who gave their opinion!! i was waiting for a rebel to come along and disagree with everyone but no one had the guts! so, we went and it was a memorable night. we parked WAY far away from the theatre b/c we were afraid we wouldn’t find closer parking, so we frantically walked for 20 minutes, afraid we would be there late (the screening was a first come first served bases) but we made it in time! (plus, it’s healthy to get in fights, right?)

the movie was good. it wasn’t amazing. it didn’t change my life but i still recommend you see it. it’s been nominated for a bunch of academy awards and brad pitt did an awesome job. i like brad pitt but sometimes you can tell that he thinks he’s hot stuff. not in this movie. his performance was really good. there are some other things i could say but i don’t want to give anything away. i’ll just say that something josh and i think prohibited us from LOVING the movie was that we weren’t too crazy about one of the other main characters. when you don’t love the main characters of a movie it’s hard to love the movie. but it was good. go see it!

oh yes, and i stayed up til midnight working on our kitchen, so, i got to see the movie and work on our apartment!


2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. I loved reading the comments of people telling you to go. It made me laugh. And I saw it and I liked it. I don’t think I would watch it again for a while…but it was definately interesting. And can I be on your “blog roll”? I just added you to my favorites. 🙂

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