Christmas Part 1

It’s been a while!! Well, here are some pictures from our trip up north. For the first 5 days we were snowed in at my parent’s house which was actually really fun. Christmas Eve night and Christmas night, the ENTIRE family was snowed in. All 13 of us in my parents’ four bedroom house. It was so much fun. Very memorable and I already miss it.

The second half of our trip was somewhat busy since we were snowed in the first half. Lots to do and I still didn’t get to do everything I wanted or see all of the people I wanted to see. I accidentally left our camera cord at my parents house, so, when I get that back, I’ll be downloading more pictures from our trip b/c I know that you all live and breathe to read my blog and if I didn’t post ALL of our pictures, you just wouldn’t be able to survive. 🙂

Peyton, Josiah and Annika with their stockings on Christmas morning

Annika and mom

Luke opening his tool bench. He was so cute with the gifts. He had more fun playing with the boxes/wrapping paper than with the actual gifts. This was one he did seem pretty interested in, though.

Josh and I bought Annika this little stroller for her new doll and it was by far Luke’s favorite toy!! He was pushing it around all week. So cute. We won’t show him these pictures when he’s older.

GSS Reunion at La Carreta. 25 people or so showed up. It was lots of fun. Sarah, Alicia, Cherianne, Me, Brooke, Donny, Erin

Donny, Erin, Bryan, Tyler, Brooke

My good friend Kristi and my sisters threw me a baby shower while I was home. This was VERY sweet of them and I had a really good time. Kristi and I used to be spazzes together in high school and look at us now….all grown up.

Kristi had her baby boy Hudson Nathaneal days after this picture was taken!! She wasn’t due until January 24th but he decided he wanted to come 3 weeks early. They are doing well though and baby Hudson is precious.

Some of my shower guests: Alicia, Kristi, Brooke, Erin, Cherianne

The sisters

The mother

The “Tucker” family (minus Bryan) at my Grandma’s house. My, how we’ve grown

Josh and Luke kept dressing as twins (other picture coming in next batch)

That’s all for now!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Part 1

  1. Nice family pictures…exciting your baby will have so many cousins to play with! The shower looked like a lot of fun, too! Glad you guys had a good trip and were safe with all that snow/ice 🙂

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