I’m pretty sure I can post this since my sister did on hers. On Christmas Eve, we found out that my sister Faith is prego!! This will be their 3rd and the 6th grandchild on my side. I am really excited. I thought little Klont would be alone with a couple years in between him and all of his cousins. But not now!! He and “Vicki” will be about 5 months apart! Very exciting.

On the night that Faith and Bryan announced their news, I made a joke about my mom being pregnant and them naming him “Ricky” (yeah, random). Well, the next day or so when Faith and Bryan told Peyton (4 years old) that mommy was pregnant, they asked what the baby should be named. Peyton’s response was, “Vicki!” So Ricky and Vicki it is!

Congrats Hardins! We can’t wait to meet the little one!


One thought on “#6

  1. I can’t believe you posted about this! HA! Just kidding. Thanks…we are excited too. Glad Klont and Vicki will be close:) Love you, miss you.

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