Marley and Me

Last night Josh and I went and saw “Marley and Me”. It was between that and “Valkyrie”. I don’t typically want to pay $10 to see Marley and Me type movies. The theatre experience is usually best with action or epic type movies. But I think we were both in the mood to see a feel-good movie. Marley and Me far exceeded my expectations and I can’t remember the last time I cried so much in a movie. Which is really lame because it’s a dog movie. I’ll blame it on the pregnancy hormones. I also don’t typically go for animal movies. I know they always end up being cute but I’m never like, “Yeah, let’s watch Lassie!!” But this movie had a great storyline and a way deeper plot than just a story about a dog. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson were a GREAT on-screen couple and it was just a really cute movie.

It’s strange how I always end up doing movie-reviews on my blog. But I like movies and I recommend this one.

P.S. We also popped our own popcorn and brought that and M&Ms and our own cans of soda to the movies. What losers!!!


4 thoughts on “Marley and Me

  1. Thanks for the review mom…um, I mean Liz. Sorry the snacks from home threw me off. Hehe, just kidding, I would probably do the same thing if we ever went to movies:)

  2. I was wondering if that was a good movie. Valkryie is really good though too! Smart thinking on the snack. I’m always afraid of getting caught.

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