Ice Ice Baby

Everyone has been asking me if there have been any strange foods I’ve been craving in my pregnancy. Not really. I like salty and spicy and savory foods more than I usually do and I don’t like sweets as much as I usually do (wow, look at all those s’s). But one thing I LOVE and can’t get enough of is ice!!! Oh my gosh! It is so good. I’m probably scratching the enamel off my teeth and will soon break a tooth but it’s worth it for now. Yesterday I spilled an entire cup of water over my desk at work because I was trying to get to the ice. Luckily, I was able to move important files in time. And I spill water down my neck every day because I’m opening my mouth wide enough in order for one of those joyous, crunchy icecubes to flow into my mouth. Yes, I am a freaky pregnant lady.

So, I’m sure that this information just made all of you invigorated about life. That’s all for now. More deep thoughts to come.


8 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby

  1. Oh Liz…we must be sisters or something. With BOTH of my pregnancies, but especially especially with Luke I could not get enough ice cubes!!!!! Love you.

  2. You crack me up, girl! I’m drinking a tall glass of ice water right now! I don’t chew it… but I like it way more than I used to in drinks. I’m with you on the salty too, which is sad…because it causes water retention/swelling 😦

  3. Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I read that craving ice cubes is common in people who have an iron deficiency. Which is for sure my situation. I always had low iron b4 getting pregnant and I know it’s even lower now. Anyway, isn’t that weird? I guess there’s a method to the madness.

  4. Hi Liz–FYI: It’s well known in medical circles that craving ice/chewing ice is a sign of low iron in your blood (ie “iron deficiency anemia”). Not exactly life threatening (except it ruins your teeth), but mention it to your doc. Hopefully, nothing a pre-natal vitamin or high iron content foods can’t solve.Sure–pay me for my advice on your next visit:)Rainy

  5. I craved ice my whole 3rd trimester! There is one place here in Midland that has the most awesome ice (its really small and thin and easy to chew) and I would literally go there and pay $.25 for a jumbo cup of ice and eat the whole thing! Everyone told me it was the iron-deficiency thing, which was probably true. I never took iron supplements so I don’t know. And it was so crazy because within minutes after having Elijah I stopped craving it and I haven’t craved it since! Weird!

  6. That’s good advice Rainy. I was thinking the same thing; and, of course, I always give such sage advice!!! I was thinking of Klont–gotta make sure that baby’s strong.Love you bunches.Mom

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