I Heart Vitamin D

Yes, that is why I moved to California when I was 18. I’ve always loved the sun and the summer has always been my favorite season. The Bay Area, though, isn’t really what you think of when you think of “California”. I have people ask me when I’m home why I’m not tan because hey, I live in CALIFORNIA!! Well, one: I work under fluorescent lights during pretty much all hours of daylight and two: I live in San Francisco. The city of fog. June, July, and August are usually pretty cold and gray and it’s pretty depressing. But for some reason, over the past week, it has been BEAUTIFUL and warm here.


the past week:

On Monday Josh and I sat in “our backyard” and soaked up some sun. I haven’t been in the sun since August and it was glorious. I’m not asking for skin cancer but I’m not joking, just sitting in it made me really happy. These are the times that I’m thankful I live in California. 70 degrees in January? Yes, please.


One thought on “I Heart Vitamin D

  1. Butthead. It’s about 37 and windy here. Jealous? And we have rain coming soon! Ha! Um, we need some prego pictures!!

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