Hannah’s Shower

Yesterday, Brooke, Shannon and I threw our friend Hannah a baby shower! Hannah is due on Valentine’s Day with a little boy. She is three weeks ahead of me and it’s been fun being prego together. She’s looking great. The shower was lots of fun and we had a great turn-out.

Thanks to mostly Brooke, we had some yummy food

The truffles I made and spent way too long decorating

The party planners and the mama

Carsyn watching her baby Einstein (isn’t she too cute?)

Stacy, Emily, and Keri smelling poopy diapers. JK. Playing the determine-what-melted-candybar-is-in-this-diaper game. Haha, it was funny

Reann and baby Mara, Leah, Hannah (prego), Katie (new mama), Melissa, Emily (prego)

Shylan, Erica (prego), Beth

Opening gifts

Shannon and Carsyn

Thanks for letting us throw you a shower, Hannah! It was fun.


7 thoughts on “Hannah’s Shower

  1. The truffles ARE impressive! And I can’t believe how many “Brooke” and “prego” friends you have. Can’t wait for March and the blogger prego girl’s baby to arrive!LoveMom

  2. The truffles were great. I have to give honorary meniton to Thomas (Brooke’s husband) for his dip making skills. Still sad that the spinach dip didn’t last till the end.

  3. my bad! I tried to change the comment I made due to a mispelling, but it left as scary “THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN DELETED BY THE AUTHOR” post…here is what I was trying to say!As if playing the smell-a-diaper game wasn’t embarassing enough, there are now photos to document it! : ) It was a great shower Liz!emily

  4. Thanks so much, Liz & Brook and Shannon! It was so much fun! Those truffles were awesome…I'd kinda like to get the recipe, but then I know I would make them and eat way too many! It was funny how you labeled me as "prego" in one of those pictures…pretty obvious by now…jk! Nice pictures- could you forward them to me? 🙂

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