The Month of Love

I can’t believe January is almost over. I have been excited for February for a while now b/c it means we’re that much closer to meeting Klont! There’s even a chance he/she could be born in February! Here are some things I’m excited about in the coming month.

Superbowl Sunday. I love the superbowl. The food. The game (even though I don’t really follow the season leading up to it). The friends. The commercials.

Oscar Sunday. I have been watching the Oscars since I was a young girl. I love them. Movies are great.

Valentine’s Day. Not so much for the candy and flowers but because ironically, out of all days, this is the day Josh and I have our 8 hour birthing class!! I think it will make us feel a lot more prepared for the birth. Afterwards, I hope to embark on probably our last date as a “free” and “childless” couple.

Dinner in the city

My shower. The ladies at our church are throwing me a baby shower at the end of February and it seems like a lot of them are involved and want this to be a really special event. They are too sweet.

Maternity Pictures. My good friend(s) Shannon and probably Kelly are going to be doing a photo shoot of Klont and his awkward parents. Should be fun!

Baby Evans. Hannah will definitely deliver in the month of February and I’m excited to meet their little boy!

It should be a great month.


One thought on “The Month of Love

  1. Yay for February! It’s never been one of my favorite months before, but I’m really excited about it this year too! Another thing that’s nice about Feb. here is the cherry blossoms will be in bloom! Hard to believe how soon these babies are coming!!

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