Lately in Pictures

Here’s some pictures of what we’ve been up to lately.

On Friday night we took our youth group “Astro Bowling”. Where I come from, this is called “Cosmic Bowling”. Who knows. And going back to our Cal Baptist roots, we made all of the kids clash. It was lots of fun and we had lots of students show up.

John and Josh

On Sunday we had a superbowl party! It was lots of fun…even though I didn’t pay attention to the game much. But I did pay attention to the food a lot and it was fun chatting it up with the girls and watching the cute baby girls.

I didn’t really take any pictures…just of the behbehs…I guess this is what life will be like for the next few years 🙂

Sadie and Hallel bonding

She needs to stop being cute

On Monday night Josh and I decided it had been far too long since we had gone out to coffee together. (This used to be one of our favorite things to do together). Thanks to Drew, we went to Royal Ground Coffee which is an extremely nice break from the usual Starbucks.

4th Street

Awkward picture by myself

Playing Shanghai Rummy

He won.


6 thoughts on “Lately in Pictures

  1. Looks like you’re enjoying your last few weeks together before Klont arrives! I can’t wait to see him/her.BTW, I love Winco, I go a couple times a month. I have to drive to MO Val, so it’s a 15 minute trip, but it’s so worth it! Hope you bring Klont down to visit !

  2. Melissa, is this chappy? My favorite card games are probably shanghai rummy and golf. And yes, it’s very nice to enjoy coffee again. Still don’t enjoy it as much as I used to but almost.

  3. im glad you kept the Cal Bap roots alive 🙂 those kids clash well 🙂 (and thats a compliment :))hope you guys are doing well, and by the looks of it, you seem to be 🙂 enjoy the coffee and the card games :)love you guys 🙂

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