Ideal Weekend

Josh and I had 3 “date” nights in a row and it was beautiful. I guess we’re really living up our last opportunities as it being just the two of us…but nonetheless, we can’t wait for it to be just the three of us!

On Thursday night I got to come home from work and lay on the couch while Josh cooked me dinner. He never cooks which is fine becuase I enjoy cooking but it was a glorious change! I laid on the couch, snuggled up with a blanket and finished watching “The Kingdom.” I was so tired that day and it felt soo good. Dinner was ready right when the movie was over and then we watched “The Great Debaters” while we ate yummy spaghetti, green beans, and homemade breadsticks. I know this sounds like too many movies… but we had rented some from the library and hadn’t watched them yet and they were due back on Saturday. Then I made a lemon cake (because I wanted to) and we ate that while we watched “The Office.” It felt so good to be couch potatoes all evening and not care. Josh had even done laundry for me and cleaned the apartment the day before so that I had no excuse. It was so great.

On Friday after I got off work, we went to Ikea and then went to see “He’s Just Not That Into You” b/c I had a coupon. I love my husband. We luckily bought our tickets a half an hour early, ran to grab some dinner, came back, and the theater was PACKED. I’m surprised we got a spot. And it was packed with women. I hadn’t realized what a chick flick this was. The movie experience was comical. I have never been to a theatre with so many women in it. Everyone was ooohhhing and awwwing at all the cute parts. It was corny and I was kind of embarrassed to be a part of the female sex. But Josh was so great! He was one of probably 20 men in there and he took it so well! I love that he does stuff like that with me. The movie was ok. It had a great cast and some redeeming themes but too much sexual content for my liking.

On Saturday we slept in and I made waffles. They were yummy. Then we ran a couple errands and drove to Stinson beach because we’ve never been there (which is really lame b/c it’s one of the most popular beaches near us). The weather was beautiful and we just sat in the sun and rested. Then we headed to dinner at this place my friend Dawn recommended. It was our kind of place! Burgers, amazing fries, clean atmosphere. It was so good. Then we went home and watched “Lost”. It was a beautiful weekend. I would feel guilty if I had weekends like that all the time. But it was a very nice change.


7 thoughts on “Ideal Weekend

  1. You guys are so cute. I love how you both do little things and big things for each other. Enjoy your last couple of weeks until the baby comes. I love and miss you guys.Love,Christie

  2. That sounds like an AMAZING weekend!!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the whole shouldn’t feel guilty AT ALL! You guys are so cute.

  3. you don’t even look prego from the chest up! Its so a boy! That’s my wives tale belief anyways. Stay out late and enjoy the peace and quiet now, no regrets!

  4. Glad you guys did that!! You should try to schedule in some kind of baby moon… b/c girl, it’s over in one month 😉

  5. I’m Not gonna lie, totally jealous of the sun and beach shots, it is raining here and that sun looks amazing, send us some eh?? Glad to hear all the fun things you guys are doing cant wait to meet the baby!!!Bryan

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