Cute Story

I don’t know why I’m sharing this but when we were at the bowling alley with our youth group, I was standing near the entrance to greet students as they arrived and this little girl who was probably 4 walked up to me while looking at my belly in amazement. She said, “Hi, what’s your name?!” I told her and asked what her name was. She talked to me for a couple minutes and showed me the stuffed animals that she wanted out of one of the machines. Then she lingered off and I saw her talking to her mom and pointing at me. Then her mom said, “I’m pretty sure that’s a baby.” She walked over and told me that her little girl had asked if that was a ball under my shirt or a baby. I was wearing crazy clashing clothes, a cowboy hat and tons of blue eye shadow, so, I don’t blame her for being confused about a freakshow pregnant woman. But it was really precious. I love the way little kids’ minds work.


2 thoughts on “Cute Story

  1. Hi! Chris here! Can’t believe you’re about to have a baby! I think I still have pics of you somewhere where you are 5 years old! Crazy how fast time goes! I’m so glad you are having nice relaxing weekends with your hubby! Don’t feel guilty about it for a minute! You need to get all the sleep and rest you can before the baby comes…wish someone would have told me that:)can’t wait to hear about delivery and the sex of the baby! take care!

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