We had a great Valentine’s day! It started at 7am with a dozen roses, a sweet note and chocolates from my hubby. He made me breakfast and then we both got ready for our birthing class!! Then it was off to Peet’s coffee and Kaiser in the rain.

Our birthing class was awesome. It was long (8 hours) but I feel sooo much better and confident and informed about the whole birthing process. I’m even kind of curious/excited for labor and delivery but we’ll see how I respond to that comment in a month. Anyway, we both learned a lot. But sadly, I think it made Josh feel more anxious about the whole thing. Anyway, I recommend anyone who is expecting for the first time to take a birthing class. Obviously you don’t NEED to take one but it helped me feel more at peace.

For dinner we went to a place called “WildFox”…b/c we’re foxy. It was really good. Josh got steak and I got pot roast. It was a really nice place. Then we went home and were in bed by 9:50pm on a Saturday night!! We are lame! But when you’re 9 months pregnant, you don’t really care. It was a great Valentine’s day.

Josh expressing his emotions

My meal…I devoured everything except for the onions and the grass on top.


The baby had fun too

Valentine’s Day 2009


5 thoughts on “VDay

  1. So cute. I am glade you guys got to do something to gather. Liz you are getting bigger, in the belly of course. I can’t wait, it is so exciting. Love Ya Guys,Christie

  2. yay for baby belly. there is a whole person in there just waiting to come out and meet you guys! How cool… even after doing it it is still so miraculous. Yay for birthing class too, so much to know huh? But in the end no matter what you get a baby… as opposed to a Klont.

  3. So fun! Glad you enjoyed the class..we never took one, I think it would have made more anxious! Now my babies just run out of me!! hehe. love you guys

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