This last weekend I had my church baby shower, followed by “Nacho Nite” with our youth group. We had Nachos and watched “Nacho Libre” and then on rainy Sunday, after church and small groups, we drove home and sat for about 4 hours on the couch watching the Oscars and me sorting through all the fun stuff we had just gotten for Klont. It was a good weekend. Just one more weekend to go before the baby is due!

On Friday night we stayed home and had chocolate fondue and watched “Changeling”

I must say, it was really good

My shower cake! One of the ladies had called my mom to get a baby picture of me. It was so sweet! They put a lot of work into making the shower really special

My diaper cake (I tried to eat this one too)

Draw Josh and Liz’s baby on top of your head without looking at it game

Kaitlyn, Anna and Coral

Liz and I (winner of the game)

The lovely ladies

After opening gifts. Everyone was far too generous. We are very blessed

John dressed and shaved appropriately for Nacho Nite



5 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. That was very sweet of the ladies from your guys church to through you a baby shower. Looks like Klont and you guys got spoiled. I have never heard of Nacho Nite. It sounds like it was fun. That baby is going to get some much love when it comes into this world.Love,Christie

  2. You guys always have such fun weekends!! Your party looked like fun..I love the pic on the cake..you were such a cute baby:) I hope I get to borrow some of your cute maternity clothes…you look adorable in every pic:) Oh, and what a cute idea for youth group…did you guys think of that??

  3. My Friends and i totally did a Nacho Nite 😀 as Nacho says, “its de best!” 😀 haha only ONE MORE WEEKEND!?! oh my GOODNESS! it seems like just the other day that i found out! 🙂 (of course while away at CBU, i find im always the last to know… for most things :))Such a cute shower 🙂 enjoy your last few days of the Two of you 🙂 and Celebrate the soon to be three! 🙂

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