Klont’s First Modeling Shoot

Literally, after 3 weeks of trying to find a time that worked for all of us and a day that the rain wasn’t pouring down, yesterday our good (and talented) friend Shannon took our maternity pictures! It is extremely nice having friends who are photographers 🙂 We’re really happy with how they turned out. Shannon did a great job! Click on the link below if you want to see more.



13 thoughts on “Klont’s First Modeling Shoot

  1. oh my gosh! i absolutely loved these! 😀 yes, what is with “Oliver”? 🙂 ahhh this is so exciting 🙂

  2. Yeah, I was going to explain the Oliver picture. When Josh’s parents were here at Seminary, they lived on Oliver Ln and ironically, that’s where Josh and I live too. So, the picture was symbolic…generations of Howeths being born in SF and brought home to Oliver Ln…kinda creepy if you ask me 🙂 Once the baby is born we’ll have to get a picture of both of them below the sign.

  3. That’s you and Josh? When I looked at the pic before reading I thought it was a picture from a magazine!! You guys are so cute even without your heads:) Now I’m going to look at the rest…

  4. ok, well first of all, your eyes look amazing with that blue shirt on. But I absolutely love the pics! Shannon did a great job? does she travel? j/k

  5. The pictures are precious. I especially like the “Oliver Lane” and “Visitor Parking”. But seriously you and Josh look so happy. You’ll be awesome parents.Love you and see you soon,Debbie

  6. You guys are so stinking COOL! I LOVE these pictures. Liz your eyes are SO BLUE with that shirt. Seeing these makes me embarrassed that I sent home all those pictures of me in my PJ’s with no make-up, standing in front of something ugly, with my naked belly sticking straight out! 🙂 :)Love you guys. You look gorgeous. Really. Wish I could be there.Ses

  7. I have never seen 2 adults have more fun around rusty trucks and dumpsters before! You guys are both just too cute! Our prayers are with you as you get close to that first child coming into the world. How exciting!Love,Bill

  8. can i put a link to this on MY blog?? don’t worry..it’s private, you won’t have any weirdos looking at it. i just love them and shannon did such a beautiful job i want my friends to see them.

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