As Requested

Sorry I haven’t posted sooner! We got back from the hospital and then we were blessed with my parents coming to visit to help clean and cook and love on Tucker while we got some extra sleep =) Thanks mom and dad! We loved having you here. Here are some more pictures of the little one:

Still liking the fetal position

Grandpa Tucker and Tucker

Josh Jr.

First Moby experience

So excited to go run errands!


Tucker and Grandma and Grandpa

Passed out

First bath

All warm, comfy and clean….until I pooped my diaper 15 minutes later

I am precious


22 thoughts on “As Requested

  1. Father & Son look alot a like. Great picture os Tucker and the Tucker's! The little guy looks like he has some personality!? – loves to travel?

  2. What the heck, is that Josh?? I am not even joking Liz him and Josh are twins. Sorry girl, neither one of our kids look like us!! Maybe the next ones

  3. HE TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE JOSH! I thought that the first time I saw his picture. I love that first pic..cracked me up. Josh looks so proud and you look amazing! Can NOT wait to hug all of you in 4 DAYS!! Love you…

  4. how precious! thanks for posting these liz! 🙂 i think you guys look great 🙂 especially that sweet little boy of yours 🙂 i can’t wait to see him one of these days 🙂 love you guys 🙂

  5. Wow, he’s so precious. Can’t wait to love on him. He looks just like josh did when he was a baby, no joke. You two are going to be amazing parents. Love you all!

  6. Also, do you just love the Moby? Once I got good at wrapping up I loved that I could go hands free! J would sleep entirely through church in that thing. Its like holding, swaddling, and rocking all in one!

  7. Congratulations you guys! What a little cutie! I love his scrunched up face…and so fun that his name is Tucker. Enjoy every sweet moment!

  8. Isn’t amazing how fast you fall in love with that little person and how quickly your life changes? He’s precious. 🙂 Enjoy!Jane

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