Birth Story, etc.

I don’t know if any of you care to read Tucker’s birth story but I know that as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was VERY interested in hearing people’s birth stories. So, read if you want. Skip down to the pictures if you don’t. I’ll try to keep it brief but it might be hard to keep 36 hours brief.

Monday, March 9th 3:00pm
Started getting 10 minute apart contractions. Polished all of the wood in our living room. Random. Went on an hour walk with Josh. Timed every contraction. We were really excited and couldn’t believe it was finally time.

Contractions went down to 7 minutes apart, 5 minutes apart. Called the hospital, they said to come in when the contractions were 3 minutes apart for 2 hours. Went and got dinner at Togo’s and rented “Australia” hoping to stay home and labor for as long as possible.

After 4 hours of contractions being 3 minutes apart, a bath, and contractions getting more intense, we got our stuff together and headed across the Golden Gate Bridge to the hospital. Go to triage, the Dr. checks me, I’m 2 1/2 cm dilated. I was hoping to hear 5-6 cm dilated considering I had already been in labor for 10 hours and thought I only had 7-8 hours to go. NOPE. Not even close girlfriend! We were pretty discouraged. The Dr. told us we could go home and labor more or walk the halls for 2 hours to see if it would dilate me more. We vouched to stay and walk. Those were the longest 2 hours of my life.

Go back to triage. I’m still 2 1/2 cm. Already exhausted. Already having painful contractions. No progress. The Dr. tells us we can go home and labor some more or they can give me morphine and I can try to sleep through the contractions to get some rest and see if I progress. It was my GOAL to deliver as natural as possible, so I tell Josh I want to go home and labor some more. It was horrible coming home. When we left we were thinking the next time we walked in our front door we would have our baby with us!

Get home, we both try to sleep. Josh has success. I last about 10 minutes. Sleep through contractions? Yeah right. I come out to the living room and cat nap in between contractions.

After 2 baths and trying to hold out as long as possible, we head back to the hospital.

Go to triage for the 3rd time, she checks me and OH, WHAT DO YOU KNOW? I’m still 2 1/2 cm, 3 if she’s “generous.” I truly was like, “No, you’re kidding!!!” At this point, we are extremely discouraged. The Dr. suggests we go BACK home (mentally, not an option for me) or we could go the morphine route. I, Mrs. anti-medicine say, “Yep, let’s do that one.” I get the morphine but it doesn’t work! Well, it did work b/c I was able to rest but I was not able to sleep at all. However, my body relaxed and around 4pm they checked me and I was finally 4cm and they could administer me into the hospital.

We get into our labor and delivery room and the contractions are getting very powerful. I feel like a train is running through my body. I can no longer stay calm, breath right or lay still through them. No position relieves any pain. I throw up all over myself and the floor and some of the medical equipment and I don’t really care. Against everything I had planned, I tell Josh I need to get an epidural. I never dreamed I would be in labor this long.

Just like in the movies, it took FOREVER for the anesthesiologist to get there. He finally came and quickly became my best friend. Right after he gave me the shot, they checked me and I was 7cm!!! So, I had an extremely slow start but once I hit 4cm I progressed pretty fast. This makes me wonder if I could have gotten through it fine without the epidural but I don’t really care. The epidural was the best relief of pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. After going from feeling like you’re going to explode every 3 minutes for 23 hours to feeling absolutely no pain was crazy!! Ahhh, I never thought I’d say it but “Thank you Lord for epidurals!” I slept/rested for an hour and a half and it was glorious.

They check me and I’m 10cm!! They say I can start pushing soon!

After pushing for almost 4 hours, Tucker Hudson Howeth joins the world! It was all worth it. Praise the Lord for the miracle of life! And praise the Lord that it will be a couple years…hopefully….before I do it again.

Smiling in between contractions while waiting for the morphine to come. That thing was full of ICE water and I was loving my life.


The view from our room: one perk to delivering in the city

The best labor coach in the world. All suited up and ready for what was to come…me puking on him and him holding his bloody son.

This was right after I got my epidural. Can you tell?

Holding Tucker for the first time. He just sat there and looked into my eyes and silently searched my face. I didn’t think our first meeting would be special like that but it totally was!

Proud Daddy and his boy

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST….Here’s what Tucker was living in for 9 months….my placenta. It was disgusting and beautiful and amazing and nasty and I had to take a couple pictures of it. Yummy!

Hope this doesn’t make anyone sick


12 thoughts on “Birth Story, etc.

  1. was so NOT expecting placenta pictures! wow.i’ve heard that newborns are incredibly alert right after birth, so sweet that he stared right at you. you can even tell in the picture that he’s checking you out. love tucker so much! Great job, momma! and Josh!

  2. Nice placenta… Ok so I was the same way with the whole no drugs thing… and I was freaking out in pain and not going past a 4… I took the epidural and then a nap! With my second I told them from the beginning I wanted an epidural!I love all the pictures and can’t wait for more! Congratulations on little Tucker!

  3. Wow! Neither was I ready for that placenta, but I’m very glad you shared it. Believe it or not, I have never seen one–even my own. I guess they just didn’t do that kind of thing back in the day or I was so tired and out of it, I didn’t care.Little Tucker is precious and adorable. I miss him so!LoveMom

  4. Favorites…the peace sign and Tucker staring at youNot so Favorites…the placentaBut like you said it’s amazing and nasty! Isn’t it funny that you have to “give birth” to that thing to? you guys and LOVE little Tucker. Can’t wait to see him again soon.

  5. First. You gusy look so happy and parental. Tucker is is adorable.Second. I had never seen real placenta. It’s kinda gross and yet fascinating.

  6. This was a great birth story! Thanks for sharing! I do love the peace sign photo and can definitely relate that the anesthesiologist was my best friend too. Its amazing how quick you go from so much pain to peace! Also so amazing how Tucker looked at you. I had never seen a placenta either. Umm thanks for sharing?? Ha ha! No, definitely a very cool story. I hope we get to meet Tucker (and you finally, for that matter!) sooner rater than later!

  7. You are an amazing woman liz! Thanks for sharing your story. The placenta: very gross, but also very cool! I agree with your mom, on how peaceful you look during a contraction. We are sure glad you’re here little Tucker! Miss you! (smooch, smooch)

  8. WOW liz, that was the most amazing thing ever! Very cool, thanks for sharing the whole story!! 🙂 haha have to agree with bekah- wasn’t expecting the placenta pictures! lol

  9. O my goodness, sorry Liz about the long labor. I kept on thinking you would say that you were further along than 2 1/2cm. labor is crazy isn’t it!! I hope your nurses were great!!!!! Love you guys!

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