Tucker is a popular boy! Since his birth, all 4 of his grandparents and 4 of his aunts have been able to come and visit. And on one of the two days in between families here, it conveniently worked out that my b.f. from high school, Kristi and her hubby, Neal and baby boy, Hudson were in the bay area, so we got to meet up with them as well! Here are some pictures (or rather, A LOT of pictures):

Josh and his teddy bear (oh, I’m going to miss Tucker being this small. So precious)

Girls’ walk down to the bay


Faith and Mom at La Boulange for lunch


Auntie Bekah and Tucker

Auntie Faith and Tucker

Tucker Hudson and Hudson Nathaneal (and yes, we both chose Hudson completely independent of each other! Huge coincidence)

Collar popped and ready for church

Celebrating Josh’s birthday with the Howeths at B.J.s. Yay for free pizookie on your birthday!

Christie, Josh, and Steph

Tucker practicing his “hand-eye coordination” thanks to Grandpa Howeth in giving him his first golfball.

Celebrating Josh’s birthday again on his actual birthday

Three generations of Howeth men

Coffee Date

Auntie Christie, Tucker, and Grandma Howeth

We usually go all out for each other’s birthday. This year, that was a little difficult with a behbeh and family here. But the day after everyone left, I planned to take Josh to Alcatraz (b/c he has always wanted to go and we’ve lived here for 2 years and still never been! And then Red Robin for dinner). That’s a pretty simple plan, right? Not really! It was a full day with Tucker in tow but we still had lots of fun!

On the ferry on our way back

Birthday boy

The city from Alcatraz

Phew! That was long


9 thoughts on “Visitations

  1. Love all the picts! Especially the ones of the boys together, we loved seeing you both, thanks again for lunch!! We love you all.

  2. So happy for your new little fam. That baby is adorbs, for real. 🙂 And you look great, glad to see motherhoood is treating you so well!

  3. Thank you for the pictures and especially for the great time we had just being together. I hope you can get some real rest now and settle in as a family of three! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you all again in May in Washington!Love,Debbie

  4. You guys look great. Emily and I keep talking about wanting to come by and visit you guys and see Tucker. We know you have had so many visitors and we don’t want to bother you. Maybe during Spring Break?

  5. These are absolutely adorable! 🙂 I can't wait to see you three again 🙂 Happy Belated birthday Josh 🙂 I am so glad that you guys have had a great first few weeks of parenthood 🙂 love you guys :)Amy ❤

  6. Yay! For pictures! Love them! He’s adorable. And congrats to you for getting out and around a city and planning a birthday all on approximately 4.3hrs of sleep! You rock girl!

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