i save lives

the other night tucker and i were driving home after a youth event and i saw these eyes shining in the darkness as it ran across the street. “sick, a raccoon.” i thought to myself but then the light hit it and i realized it was a black cat. good. i like cats. he reached the other side of the street seconds before i passed him and he stopped to look behind him at something. before i knew it, i see that a raccoon is chasing this cat. it happened so fast that i wasn’t even able to slam on the breaks! i ran over the ugly raccoon! it was so scary that i let out a really loud scream (which was really funny because tucker was crying in his car seat but once i screamed, he stopped). in nearly 10 years of driving, i have never hit any type of animal. but the raccoon was chasing this cat with intentions to viciously murder it (i know because the cat told me). so, yes, i took the life of a raccoon, unintentionally, but i saved the life of a cat.

*some background on my contempt toward these vermins…i used to think they were cute but we have tons of them here at the seminary and they are freaky. one nearly gave josh a heart attack one night when he was taking out the trash and the nasty was IN THE dumpster and almost jumped on josh’s head when he opened the lid.


8 thoughts on “i save lives

  1. Liz, I LOVE IT!! Lets run over all of them. They are nasty. Lindsay thinks Noah got ring worms from their poop on their front porch. YUCK YUCK

  2. That CAN be pretty traumatic. I remember the first time your dad hit a possum–of all things to feel bad about, but i did. You know how I am! I guess you need to do more often when Tucker’s fussy.LoveMom

  3. I’m jealous. I think Emily would have cried if I did that and she was in the car. Not that she loves raccoons, just that I would have taken a life and also because I would have probably had a smirk on my face.

  4. I remember Craig Spinks swerving to hit animals on the way home from babysitting for them. 🙂 Do you remember dad’s story about the possum in the tree? Is that what it was, dad?

  5. Hhahaha! That’s amazing! :)Now you know how to make Tucker stop crying too… 😉 just kidding 🙂

  6. Whenever I think about killing raccoons, it reminds me of one night when I was home alone and they were fighting so hard on my front porch that they kept banging into the door (ok…I might have left some trash out) and Jason came over and chased them with a golf club…nothing like a crazy Hawaiian with a club to scare em off

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