I’m 7 weeks old today!

Lately, I like to…
Have my arms up by my head whenever possible

Stare at my dad as he makes the craziest faces just to get me to smile

Throw up cottage cheese

Freak mom and dad out in the morning by being in this position (when my head is supposed to be up where the hat is)

Show my friend Hallel my cool dance moves

Suck on my paci

Suck on my fist (still haven’t found my thumb)

And take naps with dad


15 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. OH!! THANK YOU! That was amazing. Such cute pictures. I love the one of him in Lukey’s shirt. Ah, can’t wait to get him in my arms. Love him so much. I can’t believe he’s already 7 weeks. How are you feeling Liz??

  2. I can’t believe that he is 7 weeks old. He is getting so big. I love all the pictures especially the one with him and Josh sleeping.Love You Guys Lots,Christie

  3. so so so sweet!! he’s changing so much already.. i feel like i’m still trying to get a sense of what he looks like.. through pictures. can’t wait to see him in 7 days!!

  4. Tucker, stop getting so big. I need to come hold you before you get too big. Oh wait!! I get to spend all next week with you little booger!!How in the world did he get out of his sleeping position??

  5. The pictures are all unbelieveably cute. But then look at his mommy and daddy!!! 🙂 He is the perfect combination of his mommy and his daddy. I can see a lot of Josh in Tucker but I can see a lot of you in Tucker too Liz. I’d love to see baby pictures of both of you with tucker and see all the resemblances at one time. What a cutie! I can’t wait to see you and Josh and oh yeah Tucker too! :)Love, Debbie

  6. SEVEN WEEKS?!my goodness! :)what a cutie pie! i agree with everyone here, i keep coming back to look at him! i can’t wait to meet this cutie and see you guys again! 🙂 these pictures are precious! 🙂

  7. Oh, those pics were so good! I especially like the nap with my dad, how cute! Can’t wait to see you guys next weekend

  8. Liz, I can’t hand the ‘throw up cottage cheese’ pictures any more! HAHA!! I need to see you soon before your child starts dating! AND, I have a gift for you from the Fox’s. DawnPS. Miss you:)

  9. seriously. the cutest kid ever. I love the pics…and I’m glad I got an update on the busy life of Tucker.

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