All Good Things Come to an End

After 2 years of a free pound of coffee A WEEK, free drinks every time Josh came home from work, and 30% off drinks and all other things whenever he wasn’t working…those days have now come to an end.

Thanks to our awesome, generous, and faithful church, Josh no longer needs to work at Starbucks for additional income. This will make Josh’s life and schedule so much less stressful. So, even though I’m bummed we have to start actually paying for coffee, I am so thankful and happy for Josh!

My Last White Mocha


3 thoughts on “All Good Things Come to an End

  1. my christmas and birthdays won’t be nearly so exciting, but i’m really happy your lives are made simpler.. I LOVE your church!! Such good people..

  2. again, that is so amazing. I am so glad for you all. sorry about the coffee. we’ll have to mail you a pound every once in a while:)

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