What’s In a Name?

Ok, before I had Tucker I told myself that I wouldn’t always make posts about him. That hasn’t happened at all. Oh well.

I’m kind of a dork (like my sister Faith) and I’ve always loved finding similarities or coincidences in life. For example, I always notice when people are wearing the same color. Like at work sometimes, I’d notice that 5 people were wearing green, so, I’d be like, “It’s green day!” And people always gave me looks like, “Who cares?” My sis always notices cool coincidences with dates and stuff.

Anyway, a recent coincidence I’ve noticed is in Tucker’s name. A number of years ago, some family friends named their little boy Hudson and I thought that was so cute, so, I put it on my list of top favorite boy names. Shortly after we found out we were prego, I really liked Hudson as a middle name for Tucker, if we had a boy. Shortly after this, I talked to my bf from high school and she freaked out when I told her that because Hudson was the name she and her hubby had chosen for their baby boy due a couple months before Tucker. This was strange because we were both saying how Hudson was not a common first name.

In December or so, one of my friend’s sister-in-laws had a little boy and named him Hudson.
Soon after, a friend from college had a little boy and named him Hudson.
A friend from high school just had a little boy and also named him Hudson.
Josh wasn’t sold on Hudson b/c it didn’t have a sentimental meaning to it. So, he came up with Tucker Isaiah.
A family from the church I grew up in just had a little boy and named him Hudson Isaiah (or Isaiah Hudson, I can’t remember)
My friend’s older sister has a little boy and his name is Isaiah Hudson (their last name is Hudson)
And my good friend Meagan Tucker’s sister did the same thing I did a few years back. 3 girls, no boys, wanted the name Tucker to live on, so, she named her little boy Tucker. Her married name just happens to be Hudson, so, his name is Tucker Hudson.

Isn’t that strange??? All those similarities. I guess he was just destined to be named what he’s named. Oh, and we already knew we were going to name him Tucker if he was a boy and he just so happened to be born 4 days after his due date, 2 hours into March 11th which happens to be my dad, Steve Tucker’s birthday.

Wow. That was a long post and anyone who doesn’t think stuff like this is cool must think I’m really dumb. Sorry! Guess that’s what blogs are for. Write weird stuff and hope someone reads it. =)


12 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. and i just noticed that tucker has fuzz between his toes, which peyton would be HAPPY to pick out for him.. It’s weird all the name coincidences.. when you line them all up like that it’s pretty intense. it’s amazing to me that mom and dad thought they were original naming sarah, thinking only old women were named that, and she always had like 50 other sarah’s in her class. i’m using the names Paper and Hydrangea.. just to make sure my kids are original. they’ll thank me later.

  2. i read it! and I know a Hudson as well, born 2 months before Tucker. My mom always calls him Tucker, because she gets them confused… haha

  3. I love it! and I love that picture! I think not posting blogs about your kids is only something you can say before you have kids 😉 Also I knew someone from HS (actually Dave Killian haha) named his kid Liam and my mother-in-law was thinking it was so cool and original and then I moved to KC and my good friend’s boy is Liam and then there are two celebrities with boys named Liam around the same age… then just the other day I saw it voted in the top 10 for boy names… weird… and I too am one that would notice if 5 people were wearing green shirts… just like I notice when everyone has the same blog background… anyway… all that was to say that I like your post 🙂

  4. Well, if you want to be original, try "Lorraine" 🙂 (Oh, and have a Dad that's a weatherman, so you get Rainy…)Or for more originality, you could try "Asparagus Motorboat" (Yeah, born in 1969 in your area: Haight-Ashbury) or "Cheetah Gazelle" (parents are zoologists).But you guys should be experts on popular names:) According to the Social Security Administration (where ALL names have to be registered), Joshua has been in the top 10 since 1979 (currently #4). And then there's Elizabeth: in the top 20 since 1880 (as far back as the records go), and currently #9.BTW, on Hudson: Very popular amongst missionaries cuz of Hudson Taylor. Generally in the 900s for popularity, until 1995 & now it's moved up to 176th.Yeah…I like trivia…..and you know, we all grow into our names:)(And you'll easily find "name" stuff, like cups, and t-shirts, & magnets)Have fun at the tourist spots–Rainy

  5. that’s so fun…and to add one more (I think that I might have told you already) one day as we were watching a movie while I was still pregnant (and not knowing what we were having), Jennifer Hudson’s name scrolled by and I said…Hudson would be a cute boy’s name…

  6. Wow there are so many connections! I did kind of feel like I was reading the geneology scriptures in the Bible when I was reading your blog. Ha!

  7. I can’t believe that I keep forgetting to comment on this post since it’s right up my geeky ally. I love it love it love it. Crazy stuff. Thanks for entertaining me!! Love you.

  8. Liz, this is awesome! and I’m so thrilled there is someone out there who notices all these things just like I do! Nobody ever really sees how cool it is for me either. Yay! Super cool.

  9. I think it is awesome! I don’t think there really are any “coincidences” in life. I think it’s all part of the Master plan.Love,Debbie

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