Oh No You Di’int

Did any of you moms or soon to be moms shop at Motherhood Maternity when you were pregnant? I did. When I went to buy my stuff they made me give them my address, height, weight, shoe size, top 10 favorite movie list, and tell them my most embarrasing moment. Ok, not really. But they made me give them all of my contact information with the promise that I was going to receive “free gifts” in the mail. Whatever.

Well, shortly after Tucker was born, I got an issue of the magazine “Parenting”. I just assumed it was a promo thing. The next month, they sent me another one and I again thought I would receive 3 issues or something. Well, yesterday I was looking at our bank statement online and there was a $20.00 charge from Parenting Magazine!!! I emailed their customer service immediately, telling them that I NEVER subscribed to their magazine. I received an email this morning saying that they are going to reimburse me the $20.00. Um, you won’t get off that easily. I emailed the guy back (which I’m sure I won’t receive a response) asking him how he got my information and how disappointed I was with the situation.

Motherhood Maternity and Babies R Us are the only companies I can think of who would have my contact information and my credit card information. Can you believe that??!! That companies can do that kind of thing. I almost didn’t catch it on our bank statement.

So, if any of you have received this magazine, check your bank statement to be sure you weren’t charged for something you never even wanted. I’ll let you know if I hear anything back from Parenting.


10 thoughts on “Oh No You Di’int

  1. Ouch, you better get your money back. I remember Motherhood Maternity wanting to ask me a bunch of questions too, I think I just told them no..I didn’t want any free stuff. What a pain. Did you talk to anyone at M.M??

  2. when i went to motherhood maternity they asked me if i wanted to receive 2 free issues of the parenting magazine and i had to sign something that said the first two issues were free and that if i didnt want to receive more issues that i would have to call and cancel or they would charge me $20 for the subscription. so maybe you signed it not knowing all of that information or they just did it and didnt tell you, but i had to sign for it.

  3. I was signed up for a diners club when I bought tickets on fandango.. so you just have to be careful. way to be vigilant though, because it took me 16 months to catch the $10 they were deducting from my checking account every month (oops).They immediately reimbursed me though and are now facing law suits because of their sneakiness. MM and Parenting are both to blame!!

  4. Don’t mess with Liz! They obviously didn’t know the kind of mom they were dealing with. Liz your nobody’s fool!!

  5. Oh wow! i shopped at motherhood maternity when I was prego with Ashlee, but I don’t remember them asking all those questions. It was 5 years ago though…hmmm. I’m glad you got your money back and said something. that’s wrong

  6. I had the same exact thing happen to me! I ended up calling them and they told me about the whole 2 month thing when I gave my info at Motherhood Maternity…I somehow vaguely remembered this, but never knew that was what was going on when I started getting the magazine (until I saw that charge on our bank account)!! I mean, no letter in the mail about a subscription or anything…they even spelled my last name wrong!!! Evens. I thought maybe someone had bought me a subscription or something. I got my money refunded, but am still getting the magazine…oh well. You live and you learn, I guess 🙂

  7. Hey did you know they have a lawsuit against them for this? If you're in California and it happened, I think you can get a $15 store credit from them for what they did. Just FYI!

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