Does Anyone Get This Hat?

I bought this hat at Target b/c I thought it was cute and I thought it was a beanie. When I took the tags off and put it on Tucker, it fit him like a yamaka and then I realized there was a tiny button at the tip of the beanie and this is what it ended up looking like when I undid the button:

Is this normal? It’s the weirdest hat. First of all, I think he looks like a bishop, second, it doesn’t stay on at all and once his head does grow to fit it, the thing won’t even cover his ears. Am I missing something?

Breakfast at Mama’s

Cuddle Time

Tucker with his mama at Mama’s. (Josh made me stand in front of this sign)


6 thoughts on “Does Anyone Get This Hat?

  1. That is hilarious about the hat! He looks so cut with it on though! I love the cuddle picture and I love the picture of you Liz and Tucker with the Mama's sign behind you, that was very clever Josh. I wish I could see you all this week. Have fun with Dad and Mom.Love You Guys,Aunt Christie

  2. yep the hat is pretty funny.. and Tucke is adorable, but I've seen Josh wear a hat with things that hang down over his ears, like he could tie them under his chin. I know people a lot younger then I are wearing them… but really, they look a lot funnier than that hat Tucker is wearing. Post a picture of Josh in that.

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