The Final Picture (Until Next Time)

On Monday night we took the final picture of the progression. God is good. I remember looking at the first one, when we were all just pregnant, not able to imagine all of us with our little ones someday. He is so good in blessing all of our families with healthy, happy babies. It was fun being prego with you girls!

Before any of us were pregnant (I think it’s funny we were all standing in the same order as the prego ones)

Each 11 weeks apart from each other. Shan due Oct 7, Stacy Dec 20, Me March 7 (Actual: Oct 5, Dec 25, March 11)

Carsyn has arrived!

Hallel has arrived!

Tucker has arrived!


5 thoughts on “The Final Picture (Until Next Time)

  1. Oh my gosh, that is too stinking cute for words. I am so glad you guys remembered to do that each time..what a fun thing to always look back on and look at those cute babies!! (and mamas:)

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