Visit from the Gs

Grandma and Grandpa Howeth came last week for a visit. We had lots of fun hanging out with them, playing bocci ball, going into the city, going out to eat, going to the Giant’s game and spending Father’s Day with them. Tucker enjoyed having some extra love and attention. He loves his grandma and grandpa very much.

While Dave was talking to Tucker, he slowly started tucking his fingers into his mouth, before we knew it, this is what happened:

Loungin with Dad

This was Tucker’s “warm-up” outfit for the game while we got dessert at Ghiradelli’s

Too cute

Neither Josh or I are huge on fan memorabilia but it was fun for Tucker’s first game and baseball really is a great American past-time (sorry, Dad =))

Josh says Tucker can pick whatever team he wants to be the fan of, it doesn’t have to be the Giants….yeah, right.

26 years ago, Josh was attending his first Giant’s game. His parents were saying that night that they never envisioned this…26 years later to be back in San Francisco with Josh and HIS little boy. It was pretty cool.

Grandma and Tuck

Hotdogs taste so much better at the ballpark

Sleepy boy

Thank you for visiting, Dave and Debbie!



6 thoughts on “Visit from the Gs

  1. Looks like you all had fun! Wish I could have come. I love the picture of all three of you with the Giants memorabilia. You guys look like the Giants family, it is so cute.Love,Christie

  2. Like Faith, I canNOT handle how cute he is!! i had to enlarge every picture so i could see his cuteness close up 🙂

  3. Warms my soul to see a young man grow up wearing the right colors for a baseball fan……orange and black!

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