de Young

One of the great perks to living in a metropolitan area are the museums. On Thursday we trekked into the city to visit the de Young museum in Golden Gate Park. Tucker didn’t do as well as I had hoped. He was fine but a little fussy at times. He has also started to talk really loud (note the video I posted of him a while back). At home, this is adorable and endearing but in public you want to put your hand over his mouth. Especially a museum. Oh well. Anyway, we had a good time.

Tucker explaining to dad the impact of modern art in the 20th century

This was one of the coolest pieces. The remains of an African American Baptist church that was burnt down by arsonists.

A church made entirely of bullets, guns, steel, tooth and bones (and you thought your church had problems)

Gotta love the no-flash policy

Careys…this one is for you. They had an entire New Guinea exhibit


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