Tucker’s Room

About a month ago I finally finished Tucker’s room. Yes, I am a huge slacker. It wasn’t until the beginning of May that I got the piece that motivated me to finish it. My extremely talented and creative sister, Faith (all of my sisters are talented and creative, by the way) made me 3 adorable canvased collages of Tucker. She has made some for her own children and some of her friend’s children. I love them and they’re definitely my favorite part of his room.


5 thoughts on “Tucker’s Room

  1. Great job Elizabeth! Can't wait to SEE it soon. I must say. ALL my girls are talented and creative. I just wish I had some of it!LoveMom

  2. Ah, thanks Liz. I'm glad you like them. His room is adorable! I can't wait to post pics of Brynn's room soon. I just made some wall hangings that I'm pretty happy with. It's so fun to decorate for a baby girl again. PS. The crib skirt I got for Brynn looks a lot like the bumper you have for tucker (the polk-a-dots) Is that from the Dwell Studios line at Target?? Love you sis.

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