the King

Michael Jackson was the king of pop and today was his funeral. He was a great entertainer, dancer, and musician. I’ve been thinking a lot about his life this past week and a half. Last night on the news they were saying how thousands of people had been hanging outside the Staples Center, waiting for the funeral. Police Officers were letting a number of people at a time go up to the entrance of the Staples Center and just be. Just stand. Just be in the presence…of…something. Maybe of Michael. Maybe of sorrow. Or maybe of something bigger than themselves. And while watching that, the reality of human nature hit me. All week I’ve seen people weeping over the death of this “king”. And it made me realize the human desire to follow and to worship something.

They were standing in line just to be in the presence of something they think is great. When have I ever rushed to the empty front of a sanctuary just to be in the presence of God? What would it look like if we could follow God with the passion that so many of these fans have displayed for following Michael Jackson? We spend our whole lives worshiping created things, rather than the Creator. But some day we’ll get it right, some day at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. And finally, the true King will receive the praise that for so many years we gave to other things.


9 thoughts on “the King

  1. I'm crying. I love that and it makes me cry, that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. Thanks Liz.

  2. Wow Elizabath! GREAT truths. Your words brought a tear to my eye. We have so much to look forward to; but like you said, we're missing out by not LIVING eternity. We do indeed follow the true and ONLY King.Love Mom

  3. I know what you mean and through God's Grace he still loves us, even when we are not chasing after our beloved King. He is so good.

  4. Good insight Liz. Wasn't it in 1 Samuel that the people wanted a king and God was suggesting that He was their king but they wanted more. Perhaps an issue of faith when we need a tangible being to serve as king. Perhaps why Jesus had to come for us. And even then God had His way of sending us a king in a totally unconventional way to continue to encourage individual faith. Thanks for your thoughts.

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