Weekend Visitors

This past weekend my parents and sis Bekah came down for a short visit. We had so much fun having them here! Tucker got about 500 kisses a day (as opposed to the regular 200), we were able to relax, do some fun things, and just enjoy each other’s company. Thanks so much for coming!

The Exploratorium:

Hannibal, is that you?

Josh drinking out of the toilet, just like he does at home

This crazy cool mirror thing

Bekah waving

Bekah and I in art form

Josh and I. This thing was so cool.

3rd annual picture of Bekah and I in front of the Palace of Fine Arts

Tucker is really good at cards

Dad and Tucker playing Bocci Ball

Check out the intensity!

Mom and Tucker

Auntie Bekah and Tucker

He doesn’t suck on his thumb much, I love it when he does!

Coffee in Tiburon

In N Out after church


4 thoughts on “Weekend Visitors

  1. Fun! Thanks for posting pictures. I am sad that I missed out on all the fun…looks like a great time was had by all and looks like you had some great weather! Tucker is so cute. I can't WAIT to see you him in a couple weeks..can't wait! Is that the little jacket I got him? He's getting so big:) Love you guys

  2. He is getting so big, what a cutie. We need to get the boys together next time you're up. Didn't you say you're coming up in August? Hope you are, I would love to see you. Love you girl!

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