This past week we were in SoCal, visiting friends. We had so much fun and were able to do lots of stuff and see lots of friends. As always, here’s fiddy billion pictures:

We got there Friday evening and headed directly over to the Ronveaux’s new house for dinner. It was lots of fun.

Ryan and Shannon’s rad front door

Britt and Tucker eating dinner together

Andy and Erica

Shannon and Tom

Shannon and Ryan

Speeches at Melissa and Scott’s wedding

Modeling shot

Tucker with the lovely ladies, Brooke and Sarah

Tuck and I with the beautiful bride, Melissa (“Chappy”). Look at how Tucker is taken by her beauty. So cute.


Janelle was due the day before me. This was Tucker and McKinsey’s first meeting.

The fam

Mama and Baby

Daddy and Baby

30+ people showed up for Tim’s birthday party. It was great seeing everyone

Yes, Tim had a bounce house for his 25th birthday party

It was sooo much fun watching Tucker and McKinsey together. They really liked each other (as you can see) =)

Tucker wooing McKinsey

CBU pool. It was SO HOT and the water felt SO GOOD.

Poor Tim and Britt. We crashed their pad not only on Timmy’s 25th birthday but also on their 3rd anniversary! They were gracious for letting us stay with them for a WEEK. Here we are holding up 3 fingers for 3 great years of marriage. I am sporting the Donna “3”

Breakfast with the beloved Millers. Jason, Tuck, Josh, Tim

Me, Brooke, Britt


5 thoughts on “SoCal

  1. i cannot get over Tuckers feet in the picture with the boys. It looks like he is about to flip out. He is so sweet. We need to get together this week please. I am pretty much FREE!! See you Monday night for the finale' RIGHT???

  2. I love the picture with Tucker "kissing" Mckinsey's hand! So Cute! We are headed to Riverside on Tuesday! :)Us nor cal people have to get down there as often as we can!

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