For the past 2 weeks I have been in Oregon. Week #1 was just Tucker and I. Josh took our youth group to camp, so, rather than sit by my lonesome in our apartment, I vouched to head up to Oregon and spend some time with the fam. It was Tucker’s first flight and he did great! I’m going to do a couple of blog entries so that there’s not 200 pictures in one post like usual. Most of the pictures below are of Tucker. Haha

Love it.

Peyton, Luke and “Gamma” at the park

Peyton loved Tucker. She was really good with him and I think he liked her too.

Getting practice for her baby sis who joined us and the world 2 days later (pictures of that to come)

Beks and Peyton at TCBY. I love frozen yogurt.

Mom claimed that she and Luke were going to share and then she wouldn’t let him eat any of it. =) JK. Lukers doesn’t really like sweets. I think he’s the only person in our family with that “problem”.

I got to see my good friend Durbin (Kristi) a couple times while up. She called me last summer and told me she was pregnant. I was so excited for her…unknowingly being a few days pregnant myself. We could not get enough of these little boys. Hudson is 7 weeks older than Tucker so, he had a few tricks to show Tucker, like being able to sit up on his own and army crawl around. So cute.

This was awesome. Hudson kept taking Tucker’s paci out of his mouth, spitting his own paci out and then sucking on Tucker’s. This picture is great. Look at Tucker’s face! “Hey, what the heck?”


Check out those fat cheeks!

Ok…more to come


3 thoughts on “Or-EE-Gone

  1. love that little man. cheeks and all. i saw kristi last night and she told me the paci story..so cute! oh and annika also has that "problem" remember..banana over a HUGE chocolate cupcake??!

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