Brynn Emaline

The highlight of my trip home was that my 4th niece, Brynn Emaline Hardin was born! We have 7 nieces and nephews and while I was home, I realized I have only been present for two of the births! Peyton’s and now Brynn’s. Anyway, she is precious and tiny and her sweet little mouth and features are just like my sister’s. I was very blessed and thankful to be there for her birth.

4 adults. 3 carseats. 1 minivan. Family trip to the hospital!

Big brother Luke and big sister Peyton excited to see their new baby sister

My sister Faith after her amazing labor and delivery (she pushed for 8 minutes!!!) and Brynn

Summuh Donna, Brynn, large and in charge Tucker (compared to Brynn) and I

Aunt Bekah and Brynn

Such a sweet little girl!

Here is a more recent pic of Brynn. So precious.


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