The Rest of the Trip

For Tucker’s 5 month we fed him rice cereal for the first time! He did pretty well and it was so much fun feeding him

Beks and I at Jazzy Bagels with Josh

Tucker was taking a nap in one of the rooms at my parent’s house. He started rolling over a month ago. I gasped when I opened the door to this

This is what we saw when we looked under the bed…..the cutie just chillin but it definitely scared me at first!

Twinsies at the family reunion. Bekah immitating Peyton

Tuck, Peyton and I at Laurelhurst

Thanks to my cousin’s advice, we concocted this device so that we could still ride bikes in Sunriver

Josh acting like a cool dad

We had a bit of a scare when Josh went to get on the bike, his shorts got caught and he, the bike and the trailer with Tucker strapped in completely tipped over! I screamed, ran to the trailer and Tucker was smiling! What a relief. People were passing by right when this happened and said they had done the same thing with all of their kids. Glad we’re not the only ones! Here is the blood that was spilled in the event

We have celebrated our one year and now our three year anniversary at Sunriver! It’s one of our favorite places

I love this one. Who’s that chunky kid in the corner?

Happy boy

The place we stayed at had a hot tub and it was glorious!! When you’re prego you’re not supposed to go in hot tubs so it had been forever since I had been in one. One night we just sat and watched the stars. You could see the milky way and tons of shooting stars. It was breath-taking

This is the place we stayed in. Everything was brand new, it was super cute and the perfect size for our little fam. Wish we could have stayed longer!


8 thoughts on “The Rest of the Trip

  1. So thats where you all have been! I was just saying that I was not sure you guys lived on campus anymore. Tucker has grown so much in that short time. Hope we see you guys soon.

  2. That water at Laurelhurst is disgusting. I'm so glad you had such a great time at Sunriver. I wish the weather had been a little better. That didn't stop Tucker, however. He looks like he was a happy camper while there.LoveMom

  3. Beautiful house! Wish you could have stayed longer too. Sorry to hear about the spill..glad Tucker was okay. LOVE the pic of him smiling..he's so handsome.

  4. Oh and I love the one of him under the bed in the "red room" that is HILARIOUS. I would love to have read his mind during that "nap time" what a cutie

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