Sewing Project #1

Is finally done. It’s a nursing cover and it was extremely easy but it took me a while to make! I’m slow. But it was so much fun!

These are my sewing scissors. I loff them. (to be read with a German accent)

Tonight we ate a yummy dinner….pot roast, cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, gravy and homemade biscuits (total Donna Tucker meal, that’s why I can say it was yummy) headed to the farmer’s market, each bought a big thick scrumptious chocolate chip cookie, sampled fresh peaches and strawberries, picked up some coffee at Aroma Cafe and hung out at Border’s. It was a great night!


6 thoughts on “Sewing Project #1

  1. i got them at a fabric store up in oregon but you could get it at joann's. you need "D" rings and 1/2 yard of corset boning. since you're ms. sewer you could do it in 1/2 hour =)

  2. good looks great! i loff your scissors too. where did you get them? looks like a fun night..that is what we are doing tomorrow morn! love you

  3. Good job Liz. You look like you got a good handle on this Sewing thing. I am proud of you. You guys look like you have to much fun! Love and miss you.Love,Christie

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