growing up before my eyes

tucker decided to start sitting up yesterday. he still falls over and face plants, but he went from being really wobbly a couple days ago to sitting up with no help at all.

who knew that toilet paper packaging could be so much fun?

someday his feet will be twice the size of mine. but not today.

love the size difference (josh’s hand. not mine)

sitting up like a big kid


11 thoughts on “growing up before my eyes

  1. he is SO stinking cute. love that little man. i love how serious he always looks in reminds me of Luke:) can't believe he is already sitting up on his own, what a big boy!

  2. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.When you were here early August, he was so strong, and I knew he would sit up soon. Way to go Tucker. LoveMom

  3. oh my gosh Carsyn did the SAME thing with the toilet paper but she ATE it! Like a lot of that blue stuff! My bad! He is so big sitting up! Go Tucker!

  4. Oh my goodness! Do I have the cutest most adorable nephew ever!? UM, YEAH!!! What a doll! Tell him to stop growing!!! Aunt Stephie hasn't seen him since he was itty bitty!

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