Some Recent Happenings

my friend dawn invited us to go to the napa outlets and shop all the labor day sales. it was lots of fun. i’ll miss you, dawn!

dawn and lindsay at the yummy buckhorn

shannon, carsyn and emily

carsyn having a dance party

tucker’s first time in one of these things. he graced us and everyone else at the restaurant with his beloved scream a few times during lunch

emily and sweet baby aubrey

on saturday night we had some of our youth leaders over for dinner and some games. tons of fun
here’s the usual….our poor other children won’t get half of the attention that tuck gets =)

a couple weeks ago we had a back-to-school bbq. i cannot express how fun it’s been to have our first baby here, among so many good friends who are in the same stage of life. i will miss it so much.

just a handful of the babies born this past year

and new ones arriving all the time

happy labor day!


2 thoughts on “Some Recent Happenings

  1. NICE CRACK TUCK!!! Okay, first of all..THANK YOU for putting his collar up. I'm always putting Luke's collars like that and mom and Grandma and any other person their ages put them down. NO! I wanted it UP! Anyhoo..Looks like fun times lately. So glad you guys have so many good friends in the same stage! Did you see the video on my blog of Brynn.e?? Love you guys.

  2. well, it's actually josh who always wants to put it down. he thinks that popping your collar looks "cocky". i love it. especially on little boys, so, he lets me pop it on tuck. i could totally see gma and mom saying, "hey, what's that doing up? let's fix that." haha

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