is a beautiful month here. Probably the most beautiful month of the year. I love it. We’ve been doing lots of fun things lately and Tucker is growing up more and more every day. Yesterday he cut his first tooth and he’s about to crawl any second.

Giants Game (the cutest Giants fans in the world)

it was a beautiful night even though the Giants lost =(

For our 3 year anniversary (1 month late) we had Drew and Shannon watch Tucker and went to the Melting Pot for dinner!! It was so much fun. So tasty and so perfect. That place is expensive but thanks to Mom H. and a deal we got, only $14 came out of our pocket.

our yummy chocolate fondue

the restaurant was so cool, at a brick kiln built in the late 1800s

Youth Group BBQ!!

Tuck and I cuddling yesterday on the bed while watching “Billy Elliot” and eating graham crackers and peanut butter. Ok. It was just me who was eating the graham crackers and peanut butter.

Tucker’s first birthday party!

Noah Reedus. 1 year old!

Lovin the water fountains…

Ok, not really.


6 thoughts on “September

  1. STOP. You three are so cute. I don't know how many times I have said that on your blog. I love the Giants outfits and Tucker's face. I just love you guys. Miss you too.

  2. Ditto Faith. I can't believe all the things you do with Tucker in tow. Good for you. Keep it up. Stay active. Just do it in Oregon. JK Not at all!Love youMom

  3. You guys know how to have fun all the time. You all look like a cute family like Faith and your mom said. I miss you guys lots and hope we can talk one of these days on skype.Love,Christie

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