Deep Thoughts on a Monday

This morning I realized that having shaved legs and a clean kitchen make me feel good. The world can be spinning madly on but as long as those two things are in place, life is great. If I get all dressed up to go out and my legs aren’t showing but they aren’t shaved…my night is a little less exciting. If there’s spit up all over the carpet, a shower to be cleaned, a bed to be made but a clean kitchen? ahh, then life is complete.

And shaved legs got me thinking about my mom’s cousin. They are what you might call *loaded* and growing up my mom and grandma would clean their house once every other week. How would you feel about that? Making your cousin and your elderly aunt get down on their hands and knees to clean your toilet? But I’m not bitter…it was that little side job that allowed us to take trips like Maui and Disneyland together as a family. And a few years ago they found a latina woman to do the job for a lot less. So, I guess everyone wins….except the latina woman….and my mom and my grandma.

But my sister Faith and I used to accompany them on this exciting journey. They lived in a huge house and had cable tv and fruit roll-ups in their cupboard. But the most exciting thing they had was a Power Wheel Jeep. Does anyone remember those things? Well, 10 year old me and 13 year old Faith would jump in that thing and ride it around all day. I think it had a weight limit of 50 pounds or something. Whoops. So, those were some of the joys we had growing up…having a blast with a 2 and 4 year-old rich kids’ toys.

But I’ll always remember their mom (my mom’s cousin’s wife) never shaved her legs from the knee up. I think b/c she was blond she thought she could get away with it. Nope. Not even a chance. That hair shined like gold. And I never understood why a rich woman didn’t shave her upper legs (as if having money gives you that extra little motivation to do so).

Which brings me to another thought….do you ever notice how rich people are always walking around in their pajamas? Ok, not literally but rich people often throw on some old shorts from 1989 and a “Cancun!” t-shirt they got on their last vacation. I saw this all the time working among the rich Marinites here. Hair in tangles, eyeliner from yesterday, dirty sweatshirt from your husband’s golf bag. You look like a million bucks. I guess it’s kind of cool. They have nothing to prove. Or when they dress up, they could be wearing a little black dress made of silk that cost $798.00 but it looks just like the one in Old Navy’s window. It’s interesting. No offense if you’re rich and reading this (although I doubt any rich people read my blog) But these were just some observances from a middle-class fellow American.

Those are my thoughts for the day. It’s going to be a life-changing week.


8 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts on a Monday

  1. You're so funny. Very good observations! Don't you wish we could go again–to Hawaii, that is! Maybe you girls should get the cleaning jobs this time!!!Love you much.Mom

  2. HA! Love it Liz. Was I really 13 cramming my fat body in that thing? Now Peyton has one and I have driven it! Yes, I crammed my fat 29 year old body in was fun, even if it only lasted 30 seconds before my legs started cramping. Love your thoughts Liz. Random and hilarious. Shaved legs=thoughts of mom's cousin. Where else can you find this goodness??

  3. Love it Liz!Two things I thought of:1) I dress just like that. (except no expensive black dress) Yes, yesterday's eye make-up is smeared all over me (and it's 8:30pm) Someday, you're gunna find out how rich I am:)2) They probably got that rich cuz they were very frugal, ie only buying Cancun t-shirts @ garage sales or Goodwill. The money came in, but it also never went out:) Like Dave Ramsey says, "Live like no one else (ie frugally) so you can really live like no one else (like a rich man)" Or something like that….Rainy (not exactly your Mom, but I talk like one…)

  4. Wow, that blog sparked two thoughts. One is a memory of my grandparents going to my aunt and uncles house to clean there yard. AND they made my grandparents catch the bus! Not that it bothered me…The other thing is the Marinites. A campus minister and his wife came yesterday and said, "I noticed people around here, as rich as they are, don't brush their children's hair." I was telling her that I seemed to have noticed a difference in the Rich Nor Cal people and the rich So Cal people. In contrast to what you said the rich So Cal people seemed to want to show their money a lot more. Thanks for the thoughts.

  5. Pow-pow-power wheels! haaa! I always wanted one of those as a child…. but I wasn't….. rich…. but now that I am…… rich…… and I'm reading your blog, I'm extremely offended! haaaa! J/K! I'm not….. offended….ok… or rich…. I have definitely noticed your observations working at the booth. Especially the 'Cancun' shirt! I laughed out loud when I read that. Great Post!

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