Golden Birthday

Can I post about my birthday? I feel like it’s taboo. You’re only supposed to blog about other people’s birthdays. Well, call me full of myself. That’s what people who have their own blogs are anyway, right? =)

To those of you who couldn’t recognize the lighthouse from the picture I posted (by the way, I wouldn’t have even known where that was) it was SANTA CRUZ that we went to for my golden birthday (26 on the 26th).

We had so much fun. The place we stayed was great, the weather was perfecto and Santa Cruz held up its end of the bargain by remaining my favorite city in Northern California. The only downside was that Tucker was a little scalleywagon through out the night. He didn’t sleep well at all which meant that this girl didn’t sleep well which meant that Josh slept GREAT, taking up his half of the king size bed in utter unawareness of the insomnia his small babe and wife were suffering.

I’m kidding. He is the best hubby ever to plan this whole trip for me. We had a lot of fun.

Dinner. Yum.

Really good live music

Me and my boy

The pool that was the perfect temperature

Where we stayed

How appropriate…a cheer competition on my birthday. We stood and watched a few of the routines and I realized how old I am and that it was 8 years ago that I was in their shoes!

It was really warm and I loved it

Thanks for letting us drag you around everywhere with us, dude

The boardwalk

My boys

Doing great on very little sleep. About 10 minutes after we took this picture he had a meltdown.

Pacific Garden Mall. Probably our favorite area of Santa Cruz


10 thoughts on “Golden Birthday

  1. Just snooping on your blog…yeah it should be a sin…hahaI also had my "golden birthday" the day before you…25 on the 25th! I have heard that you arer supposed to eat a cake with that many layers…haha can you imagine.

  2. i love it that you said scallywagon, i think i peed my pants and fell off the couch laughing all at the same time over that one word. Amazing.

  3. looks like you had so much fun! I want to hear all about! Drew wants to know where you guys ate and what you got, haha! he is dork!

  4. Hey Liz,It's my golden birthday this year too (Jan 26) so it was great to read your post and get some ideas. I'm thinking I may organize a crew of folks to head to New Orleans to celebrate my golden year. 🙂 Hope you are well. I didn't think it was possible, but that kid just keeps getting cuter with every picture you put up. Caro

  5. It looks like you guys had lots of fun. They are great pictures of you all. I am with your mom Liz I like the picture of Tuckers feet just hanging out while you are eating. Tucker is getting so big! Tell him to stop growing so fast!Love, Christie

  6. I am glad your not afraid to have a blog, post pictures, and talk about yourself so that we can all live vicariously through you:) ha ha.Looks like you had an awsome time and I'm so glad it was sunny!!!

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