Bald Guys Finish Last

Last week when we were watching The Office, it looked to me like Dwight was getting more hair. Maybe it was just my imagination. But it reminded me of his buddy Michael, who started The Office, what four years ago? Looking like this:

and now he looks like this

There’s also this guy, Jeremy Piven, who used to always play the role of the best friend in movies but now he’s the big star of Entourage (never watched it) so, he went from looking like this:

to this:

And then there’s people like Nicky Cage who are trying desperately to hold onto the hair that they have left:

But I can’t really blame them. It would be extremely devastating if I started going bald. So, if you’re trying to cover it up or not, here are some pictures of some bald and beautiful men who definitely don’t finish last.

Sir Bruce Willis

The Star Trek guy

Dr. Philly

Howie Do It

And last but not least, Britney Spears


7 thoughts on “Bald Guys Finish Last

  1. Ha! It's all about the shape of the head. I am secure in my baldness but if I could, I would. It's when people have hair and decide to shave it bald that I get a little disappointed. If you got it, flaunt it! Also not to impressed that you put Dr Phil there…kind of a quack! Love the post!

  2. Poor Josh has it coming his way soon. Cause our dad and uncles and grandpas on the Howeth side all are bald.I love ya bud. Love and miss you guys like crazy. Love,Christie

  3. Bruce Willis looks good but Brittney eyes and head scare me!!!! So I think in this week of the office it looks like Kevin has hair suddenly too, ha. That's what I saw in the commercial. I'm so glad Jim and Pam are taking the plunge!

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