Ta to the Hoe

This past weekend we went to Tahoe with our dear friends, the Mathews and the Cunninghams. Josh nor I had ever been to the grand blue lake. It was beautiful! And huge!

We actually didn’t make it out much. With 3 babies and naptimes, we spent a lot of time playing games, cooking good food, eating good food and having lots of quality time together. Which was just what we wanted. So glad we were able to make this trip!

the kiddos playing together. they did a lot of this.


we had cheese fondu and salad for dinner, followed by chocolate fondu. yummy! (cute face, shan)

we drank a lot of coffee

Poor Hallel

Shan and the guys played some friendly poker

Tucker and his buddies, Hallel and Carsyn

Carsyn stealing Tucker’s hat and Tucker trying to touch Hallel

…and trying to give the hat back

Lake Tahoe

Shannon, Carsyn and Drew

Stacy, Simeon, Hallel and Josh

Me, Tuck, Josh

Yay! I’ve traveled to 3 cities in 1 week!


6 thoughts on “Ta to the Hoe

  1. I love Tahoe. I have a close frient who lives there and when I visited, I was in Heaven. But honestly, when you're with close friends and family it doesn't matter where you spend time together.

  2. Such ADORABLE kids…and the big kids are pretty cute too! Don't you love that the "little" kids can sit up and interact with one another? And I LOVE the way Tucker likes to touch faces. He's got the cutest little dimpled hands to do it with! I wuv him.Mom

  3. How cute! You guys look like you had fun. I love the hat, I have to agree. I can't believe he is getting teeth. He is getting so big.Love You Guys Lots,Christie

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