Halloween Shenanigans

We had 2 Halloween parties b/c we’re just party animals like that.

Friday night’s was at Hannah’s and was more focused around the kids. It was so much fun watching all of them in their cute little outfits. Can’t get enough of all those little munchkins!

I think Hallel’s was my favorite. A Jazzercise Instructor. I loved her little leg warmers! (Which you can’t see in this picture)

Hannah, Train Conductor-Salem and Melissa


Princess Carsyn

We tried lining all 8 babies up for a picture. These are the only 2 who let us =)

On Saturday night we had a party at our friends Leah and John’s place. It was kind of disappointing b/c Tucker was really tired, so, we weren’t able to stay long but it was lots of fun getting dressed up and seeing what everyone else was.
*Sorry, Shan, I totally stole all of your pictures b/c I wasn’t able to take any myself!!

Everyone was pretty creative, I must say.
Jon + 8 and his new girlfriend.

Matt Leinart of the Cardinals and Aubrey

This couple dressed up as Josh and Stacy Mathews and Snow Princess Hallel


Jack and Juliet from Lost and Pooh dressed up as a bumblebee

Ladybug and Einstein

Joe and Megan

‘Da Baums

Pumpkin Spice up your life!

Look at those cute little fat legs in tights. I had to call Josh from Babies R Us to make sure it was alright if we put Tucker in tights.

Our little punkin

We’re such mean parents! We were laughing b/c he looked like a little ballerina or theatre kid.

Triple Tall Half-Caf Nonfat with Whip Latte


4 thoughts on “Halloween Shenanigans

  1. I still can't believe you DREW the Starbucks symbol on that cup..you are so talented! I LOVE Tucker soooo much. Even if he does become a ballerina.

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