If I Got Married Today

I was just on Facebook looking at some pictures of a friend from high school who just got married. It looks like it was a great wedding and it got me thinking about our wedding. I loved our wedding but it wasn’t “the best day of my life” like some girls say. Here are the things I would change about my wedding day if I could have:

I would have worn my hair down

Instead of feeling like I needed to invite random family friends who only know the 8 year-old version of me and don’t even know Josh, I would have had a smaller wedding, full of people who really loved Josh and I and wanted to celebrate with us. I think b/c I grew up at a big church where everyone has 622 people at their wedding, I thought that a BIG wedding was the only type of wedding to have.

I wish we would have had dinner. We just had a dessert reception. I wish we had had less people and enjoyed a meal together.

I wish we would have stayed longer. You only have one wedding day. At one point, a couple (whom I love) told us to “get out of here”. They told us that at their wedding, they felt obligated to stay around and they encouraged us to just leave. I don’t really know why we took their advice. Who cares if your guests leave. It’s those who really care about you who stay and scream until you drive off.

So, those are my regrets. They were all my own fault. I just wish I would have thought through things better. It was funny, though, I remember I wasn’t really looking forward to the ceremony but was really looking forward to the reception. On the day of, it was actually the ceremony that I loved the most. It was beautiful and I feel like I really stopped and breathed and took the moment in.

Anyway, if you’re married and reading this, looking back, what would you change about your wedding?

There were many things I LOVED about our wedding. Here’s an example of just one.


10 thoughts on “If I Got Married Today

  1. I loved a lot of things about my wedding, but there are a few things I would change:Started earlier so that I could have stayed and enjoyed myself more without the lingering 2hr drive to our Honeymoon destination.Honeymooned loser the first night?Ate more of the yummy food, I didn't even eat my own cake!Had my dress hemmed up in the front, it seriously bugged me the whole night night but I thought it was something that didn't really need to be paid for since I only needed like an inch or two. I think that's really all! I can name a thousand things that I would have never changed and I'm so happy about all of those little things!p.s. I loved your wedding! It was gorgeous and fun!

  2. I don't think that is a bad idea Stacey. I was going to say that Josh and Liz can do a vow renewal (never knew they expired!). Maybe rewedding is a better term. Or…vow upgrade??? Liz, I think people say, "get out of here you two!" because they think they are encouraging you to run off and begin the honeymoon…I wasn't going to say it but, consummate the marriage. I'm with you, I want to hang out at my party with the people I love! Hopefully there will be a lifetime of "honeymooning". Secondly, that is kind of freaky that so many people are thinking about and making comments about your sex life! All that to say, from the grooms perspective, I loved our wedding. I think we had done a lot of the things that you mentioned you would have done. Small wedding on the beach, close friends and family. I can't really think of anything I would change. It was pretty close to perfect.

  3. Its a really interesting question! I am with you that my wedding day wasn't the best day of my life. I think having my kids takes that cake. Honestly, this sounds kind of horrible but I didn't really care about my wedding. I thought it was beautiful and all, but really I just wanted to be with Rob. I know that sounds really cheesy. If I HAD to do it again I would take a few of my favorite people and fly to Hawaii or something. Now when I go to amazing weddings I just think, "I'm SO glad I don't have to do that again" Weird right?!?

  4. i'll go ahead and have your dream wedding for you.. i think people try to have small intimate weddings, but then feel guilty not inviting people they should.. but I've stopped going to weddings I "should" go to..

  5. i would have…done my hair differently. it was too crispy and slicked backhad dinner or some kind of food, not just dessertsinvited WAY less peoplespent more on a good photographerhad someone video tapeonly had my sisters (including natalie of course) and one close friend as bridesmaidshad way different bridesmaid dresses. the only 3 things i wouldn't change?? the guy. my dress. i heart my dress. and the reception was fun. we danced until 11:30 or so.bottom line is that EVERYONE looks back on their wedding with regrets.

  6. It would have cost us tons more to have it somewhere else, so I can't really say I would have done this differently (cause I couldn't have in February,) but I would have had it somewhere we could have danced late into the night instead of Good Shep. Had to be out by 9:30. blech. So yeah, I would have liked to stay longer, danced, & eaten dinner. (That was a big mistake… ended up eating crackers & cheese that night when we were STARVING) But other than that, seriously I loved our wedding day. At this point, I could seriously say it was the best day of my life so far!

  7. Sorry, but i would change NOTHING. Not one thing. I LOVED everything we did. NOt because of the wedding but because it was exactly how i always dreamed it to be. My dad did that for me, and i am so thankful.

  8. If I redid my wedding here are a couple things I would do different:Not spend so much time looking for a wedding dress. Spend an extra night in Portland before taking a plane to our Honeymoon.Have Deanna LeMay as a bridesmaid.Gotten married sooner (winter maybe rather than summer) and/or maybe get married in Greece.

  9. I would not have changed a thing except maybe a little nicer weather. Ours was simple but yet in the mountains on a rock. Since God was present I don't know of any man who was more blessed than I.

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