Out of the Sun and Into the Rain

I have spent my entire adulthood living in California. I realized this the other day and it’s crazy. I of course would go home in the summers and Josh and I lived in Oregon for about 5 months after we got married, but other than that, I’ve lived in California for the past 7 years. California has taught me a lot and I have honestly loved living here. More on this topic to come.

But in about a month, our little family will be moving to Corvallis, Oregon for Josh to accept a position at a church as worship leader and associate pastor of family ministries. We are extremely excited but also very sad. Sad to say bye to our friends and church family, sad to not see the ocean 3 times a week, sad to be leaving California, and sad to be leaving the only life and “world’ we’ve known as a family. But God is good and we’re ready to see how He will use us in Corvallis. Cheers.


9 thoughts on “Out of the Sun and Into the Rain

  1. Oh man! NOW, I understand why you stopped in Corvallis on your last trip!!Hurray! Get your bikes ready cuz you're gunna become a biking family. And if I'd known, you could have bought my parents' house–in a great part of town (near campus)—which closes it's sale this month.Got lots of stories to tell you (Start buying orange & black)–and lots of questions! Like which church???Rainy

  2. So exciting! We LOVE Corvallis, it is the greatest town. I am sure you guys will love it! We will have to try to think of all our favorite places there to tell you about 🙂 I saw your mom at the God shepard bazaar and she told us about you guys moving to Corvallis 🙂

  3. BTW, you'll still see the beach, but its about 1 hr away to Newport or Walport…through Philomath. And it's the Oregon Coast: a bit colder. BUT, you do get Mo's!

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