3rd date in 8 months

When we were “home” for Thanksgiving, we took advantage of some free babysitting and went on our 3rd date since the T child was born.

The date started with almost hitting 2 pedestrians while simoutaneosly saving them from the car next to us who REALLY almost hit them. I’m talking, we almost watched 2 people die on our date.

We then spent an hour in the Apple store where we talked to the first Mac guy about our churches and the second Mac guy about Montana and grizzly bears. Then Josh spent 40 minutes trying to decide what kind of Mac he wanted for his new job. He “settled” on the basic MacBook b/c he felt bad spending God’s money on the MacBook Pro.

Then we drove to 23rd and got dessert at Papa Haydn’s. Such a great place. We both got sick off our dessert and enjoyed 3 cups of coffee. A lady spilled an entire cup of ice water on Josh’s lap.

My Hubby. Portland. Sugar. Coffee. Laughter. It was a perfect date.


2 thoughts on “3rd date in 8 months

  1. Sounds like an exciting date! But so glad you guys were able to get out and enjoy each other's company. What do you say on date #4over Christmas. We'll watch Tucker for you. 🙂 So glad we were able to see you guys. Miss you all!

  2. It looks like you both had a wonderful evening. I am happy also that you both got to go out together. The deserts looked good! I am happy you got a new computer for work. Ya I have agree with Steph that you both need date #4 over Christmas!!!! I can't wait to see you both soon.Love,Christie

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