Four Christmases

This is our fourth Christmas as an old married couple. Our first Christmas, I got really sick and was pretty much laying on the couch, not able to move or eat anything until Christmas Eve. It was also that Christmas that we were getting ready to move down here. The second year was somewhat normal until we went to Colorado, Josh went crazy and ended up in the ER for all of Christmas Eve. Last year we moved across campus. I was 6 months prego and couldn’t lift much, Josh had severe joint inflammation and could hardly walk. And this year, we are moving again. 4 moves in 3 years of marriage. So, once again, our Christmas season is going to be crazy. Boxes and Uhauls instead of Christmas cookies and a tree. I PRAY that next year we will be settled in a house and enjoying our first normal Christmas =)

This is pretty much the extent of our Christmas Decor: (sad)


4 thoughts on “Four Christmases

  1. cute liz. did you make that wreath? love it! i hope you have a "normal" christmas next year too. hopefully you'll be prego without the move part:)

  2. I like it! You did a wonderful job decorating! I can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks! I will be praying for you both during this move.Love Always,Christie

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